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COVID Shot Medical Assault Without Consent

by Truth For Health Team


Hear the shocking story of the medical assault using the deception of a “required flu shot” to force an experimental COVID shot on this service member, over his written refusal, and without his consent…just two months prior to his completing his 6-year tour of duty. His military JAG attorney Davis Younts, Esq., explains the medical and legal implications of this medical assault.

Attorney Younts and ANG Specialist Bouchard appear on the Whistleblower Report to warn other potential victims of this devastating deception and to help launch a legitimate investigation into the events that occurred in Maine.

Specialist Matt Bouchard was two months away from finishing up his six years of service in Maine’s Army National Guard when his command suddenly required him to receive a Flu vaccine. Matt had already provided written notice of refusal for the COVID-19 shot, and his Command was aware of that refusal. The military has an “Administrative separation” exemption for service members to avoid receiving vaccinations within 60 days of leaving the service. Matt applied for that exemption and was denied, violating military regulations. 

What happened next is shocking.



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