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Creepy cover-up of COVID death data at Rachel Levine’s Pennsylvania department of health

by Monica Showalter

Why on earth is Rachel Levine still employed anywhere in the government?

The department she used to lead, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, was apparently one slipshod operation on its COVID response, and is now engaging in some kind of cover-up:

According to the Epoch Times:

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is refusing to share complete information about how it counted COVID-19 deaths for reports ordered by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The reports were ordered when the House unanimously approved a resolution in November 2020 requiring the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (LBFC) to review the Department of Health’s reporting of COVID-19 testing and deaths.

State Rep. Kate Klunk sponsored the legislation, House Resolution 1087, noting that throughout the pandemic, there have been discrepancies in the information published by the Department of Health, including thousands of COVID-19 positive cases being removed from the daily totals, days where there were significant statistical anomalies in the data, the commingling of data, and COVID-19 being listed as a factor of death when the cause of death was something else.

This is the kind of behavior a gamy third-world banana republic, the kind that hides out from the International Monetary Fund’s eagle-eyed moneymen, would be involved in. It’s not the behavior of a first-world state, less still a state like Pennsylvania which is one of America’s largest and most economically important.

In this case, we see that COVID deaths were added and subtracted with abandon, non-COVID deaths were reported as COVID deaths to get those numbers up and the federal cash flowing in, and the detail that lawmakers are likely most interested in — the seeding of unwilling nursing homes with COVID patients, which in Pennsylvania ensured that 70% of COVID deaths happened in those nursing homes. All of that is being covered up now to legislative auditors, under the specious logic of:

The Department of Health wrote in letters that the LBFC isn’t an “agency of government,” that its work isn’t “in the interest of conduct of official duty,” and that its work studying and analyzing the reporting of death records is “not research.”

Which is solid bee ess.

The Epoch Times focuses on the role of Pennsylvania’s incompetent governor, Tom Wolf, and its current acting secretary for health, one Alison Beam.

But who the heck was running the show when all this slipshod data and data management were happening? Dr. Rachel Levine, who’s now failed upward to become Joe Biden’s officious Assistant Secretary for Health in Javier Becerra’s Department of Health and Human Services. This is the person who seeded the nursing homes with COVID patients, while quietly spiriting her mother out of one to ensure she didn’t die like the others. Levine denies anything untoward in that obviously gamy self-serving action, yet incredibly, sailed through Senate confirmation complete with two idiot Republicans signing on. And now we see these revelations about how Pennsylvania’s health department was run on her watch.

News is rolling out about the shoddy COVID recordkeeping, and the sneaky bid from the current crew to keep it from ever seeing sunlight. Rachel Levine was running the show at that time and it’s about time her name came up in the brewing scandal.

One can only imagine how Levine is running her federal department given the indicators we are seeing from Pennsylvania now. Normally, someone with that kind of record would be radioactive damaged goods for federal office, but somehow Levine has skated upward based on identity politics, bringing her failed management style to the federal level.

Why would the shoddy record-keeping be going on? Most likely, politics. Why would the subsequent cover-up be going on? Almost certainly politics. Now this creature is running the ‘Health’ division of the Department of Health and Human Services. When Republicans re-take Congress in 2022, she’d be a good one to target for some kind of impeachment or recall. All COVID trough-feeders and lethal mismanagers are overdue for accountability but news of how Levine ran her Pennsylvania department is rapidly making her Exhibit A.

Image: Governor Tom Wolf, via Wikipedia, cropped // CC BY 2.0


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