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‘Cut the cr*p’: Pro-Palestine activists send Nancy Pelosi a special delivery

By The New Arab Staff


Pro-Palestine activists have campaigned outside Nancy Pelosi’s home due to the brutal war on Gaza and Democrats support for it.

Pro-Palestine activists protesting Nancy Pelosi’s stance toward Israel’s war on Gaza have made a special delivery to her home with 300lbs of manure dumped outside her front yard.

A handful of protesters were seen offloading a pile of waste from a pick-up truck in San Francisco on Thursday, to protest the Democrats’ backing of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza.

The activists, using the tagline: ‘cut the cr*p’, demanded that House speaker Pelosi stop the US arming Israel, with nearly 29,000 Palestinians killed since 7 October.

Protesters raised placards with this message over the steaming pile of manure, along with another saying ‘khara 3alayki’, meaning “s*** on you” or “eat s***”.

Pelosi, like President Joe Biden, is seen as a firm supporter of Israel, having made repeated visits to the country.

Demonstrations have been held outside homes of Democrat officials, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza where children have been among those most at risk of Israeli bombs.

Since 7 October, Israeli bombing and shelling in Gaza have killed over 12,500 children and orphaned another 13,000…


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