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Dear Fellow White People: Stop Trembling At The Mention Of Racism

Dear fellow white people: Have you ever wondered what you should do when you’re called racist? Well have no fear, The Washington Post is here – and more than happy to shine a spotlight (with two conveniently placed dark spots to make it look like a KKK hood) on your implicit racial biases and offer a simple five-step program for your rehabilitation.

Racism is real – don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t – but it’s a two-way street. Not all white people are racist and, no, you don’t have to be white to be racist. But that truth doesn’t fit the social justice narrative of the progressive left, a story that is perpetuated by The Post in an article titled “Dear fellow white people: Here’s what to do when you’re called racist.” Now, to give credit where credit is due, the author does make some sound suggestions that anyone who strives to not be an ass should probably follow. If only she had stopped there. But, as you might expect from a professor who serves as a faculty fellow for diversity, power dynamics, and social justice, author Rebecca Hains just can’t help but ruin it by assuming a white person is always guilty because, well, racism. Oh, and of course this is really all about Trump. The first word in the article is literally “Trump.”


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