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Dear politicians, stop misplacing classified material

 Marc Polymeropoulos


Those of us who were vocal about former President Donald Trump’s hoarding of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago cannot shrink from our responsibility to speak out now that President Joe Biden is embroiled in a related scandal.

There are stark differences in terms of intent and obstruction. Biden may have had no idea that there were classified materials stored away in various locations, while Trump appears to have known he retained such materials and then refused to return them. But the fact remains that classified material from Biden’s private properties has spilled into the public domain. And that is a serious counterintelligence problem.

The appointment of a special prosecutor by Attorney General Merrick Garland is important. We need to ensure total fairness and objectivity from the Department of Justice when it comes to investigating the mishandling of classified information, which is just flat-out wrong, whoever does it. I would also hope and assume that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence orders a damage assessment on this spill as they did with Trump.




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