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Death Shot: The Novavax Covid Vaccine Is Just As Bad As All The Rest. MRNA Inventor Robert Malone And Others Endorse It

by Jacob M. Thompson

“Anyone who tells you that the Novavax vaccine is a traditional protein vaccine is a scoundrel. This vaccine is another “bait and switch” being rolled out solely to entice the unvaccinated, because it is not made of mRNA,” said one doctor.

Last week the United States officially approved the Novavax vaccine as the fourth Covid shot to be administered to the public, beginning with the standard two-dose regiment.

Today, we have expanded the options available to adults in the U.S. by recommending another safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. If you have been waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine built on a different technology than those previously available, now is the time to join the millions of Americans who have been vaccinated. With COVID-19 cases on the rise again across parts of the country, vaccination is critical to help protect against the complications of severe COVID-19 disease.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky said last week

And just today it was reported that Novavax’ Covid-19 vaccine received formal regulatory approval for teens in Japan and Australia, according to a MarketWatch article.

Today’s provisional registration of Nuvaxovid for adolescents is timely with Australia’s current winter surge of Covid-19 and the return to schools.

Chief Executive Stanley C. Erck said

In the U.S. the Novavax shot has been touted as perhaps being an “alternative” to those who are still suspicious of the experimental mRNA vaccines courtesy of Pfizer and Moderna, or the since-ousted and frowned upon Johnson & Johnson vector shot.

However one doctor has recently spoken against the new Novavax vaccine, explaining that it is by no means a ‘healthier’ and safer alternative versus the others…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE…–

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