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Deciphering The End Times With The Greatest Evils Of Leftism Coming Together In The ‘Radical Feminist Movement’

Any gathering of Demoncraps or other leftists includes a great deal of high-pitched shrieking and squealing. If anyone mentions ‘the Orange Man‘ or Judeo-Christian morality, or God, there will be shrieks of rage. If anyone announces, say, that he or she is in favor of killing babies after they are born, there will be loud squeals of approval, high pitched virtue signaling by those who consider infanticide a virtue. The sounds come from radical feminists, who are an important component of the left. In fact, the greatest evils of leftism… sexual perversion and sexual self-mutilation, infanticide, and sheer hatred of others… all come together in radical feminism.

Gramscian incrementalism is how the leftists impose their twisted values on the rest of us. If leftist politicians, in, say, 1950, had voiced support for “gay marriage” they would have been laughed at, or, if taken seriously, lynched. Demands that Black people ride where they wished on buses and send their children to any school they wished were just and reasonable for the Demoncraps, then, but, slowly, incrementally, we have reached the point where Blacks have become privileged and pampered sacred cows. And the feminist movement seemed reasonable and just…at first.

The first wave of feminism began in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with women, like the suffragettes in Britain, peacefully demonstrating for the right to vote. The movement was led by people like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony, who was also active in the temperance movement. In WWI women worked in defense industries and began to be infected by the idea that all women should work outside the home and earn their own income. This pattern became even more widespread in WWII, when some women even joined the military (albeit in segregated units).

Women should, indeed, have the right to choose whether to be homemakers or earners or attempt to balance both roles, and some women are so talented in the arts and sciences that we would all be impoverished if they were not allowed to become novelists, medical researchers, and the like. But today feminists scorn the very idea of women being homemakers and raising children, despite the fact that this is one of the most important roles anyone could possibly perform in our society.


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