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Decolonize Academia Update: Harvard Backpedals After Disastrous Congressional Testimony


And just like that, ‘context’ suddenly didn’t matter nearly as much as Claudine Gay claimed. After embarrassing herself yesterday in congressional testimony, the president of Harvard suddenly discovered that “speech crosses into conduct” was a laughable double standard when it comes to pro-Hamas speech on campuses that routinely suppress speech that dissents from progressive orthodoxy.

In case you missed it, John wrote a comprehensive post about the testimony of Gay, Penn president Liz Magill, and MIT president Sally Kornbluth. Both Republicans and Democrats grilled the trio about the explosion of pro-terrorism demonstrations on their campuses and the glaring double standards in enforcing speech codes. Their testimony turned into such a public-relations disaster that Harvard felt compelled to issue a new statement from Gay that essentially contradicts what she told Congress a day earlier.

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