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DEI’s Ignoble Lie

By Washington Free Beacon Editors


At Stanford and other universities, the advance of diversity, equity, and inclusion dogma comes at the expense of free speech and open debate

Whenever we hear a university administrator preening about how his or her (or “they’s”) institution will pursue diversity and inclusion, on the one hand, and free expression, on the other—and that the two goals are in perfect harmony—our antennae go up.

As conservatives, centrists, and sensible people of all stripes have been shouted down and harassed on college campuses, administrators have poked their heads up again and again to deliver this line, promising us that there are no tradeoffs that must be made, no difficult balance that must be struck, only false choices that must be rejected.

So there, of course, was Stanford Law School’s associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Tirien Steinbach, writing in the pages of the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that “Diversity and Free Speech Can Coexist at Stanford.”





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