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Dem lawyers suing to ‘make election theft virtually effortless’

By Peter LaBarbera


Attempting to rid state law of key ballot-integrity provision

A new lawsuit filed by three leftist groups in Washington state working with the nation’s leading Democrat law firm aims to get rid of the state’s requirement for signature verification of ballots.

Republicans including conservative radio talk-show host Jason Rantz are sounding the alarm that if successful, the legal action could open the door for massive election fraud. The Seattle-based KTTH radio voice wrote Sunday that “the result of their lawsuit would make election theft virtually effortless, particularly for illegal immigrants or those taking advantage of the homeless.”

The lawsuit brought by El Centro de la Raza, Vet Voice Foundation, Washington Bus and three allegedly disenfranchised Washington voters was filed Nov. 22 by the Perkins Coie, the most prominent Democrat law firm in the nation. Perkins Coie represents the Democrat National Committee, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and many prominent Democrat politicians and affiliated groups.





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