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Democrat NBC Neurologist Lands a DEATH BLOW on Biden Narrative: ‘He Definitely Has It’



Did you have this on your 2024 Bingo card? I sure didn’t. A Democrat neurologist who treats Parkison’s patients went on NBC News — NBC NEWS!! — to talk about Joe Biden’s condition — and it was very, very bad for the president.

Dr. Tom Pitts works with Parkinson’s patients in a clinical setting in Dayton, Ohio. His specialty is listed as Neurology Clinical Interpretation, and although he has never met Biden, he said he could diagnose him with Parkinson’s disease “from across the mall” — it’s that obvious.

“Oh, yeah, I see [patients like Biden] 20 times a day in the clinic. I mean, it’s ironic because he has just the classic features of neurodegeneration,” observed Pitts. I don’t know what’s ironic about that, but let’s continue.

He noted one of Biden’s symptoms, word-finding difficulties. “That’s not, ‘Oh, I couldn’t find the word.’ That’s from degeneration of the word-retrieval area.” He dismissed the idea that the deficits we’ve seen in Biden are related to his history of stuttering. “No, this is not a palatal issue or a speech discrepancy,” which is very different from actual word retrieval, “where you pick a similar question or talk around the issue.”

He also noted Biden’s “rigidity” and “loss of arm swing” when walking. “Lordotically [related to a curving inward of the lower back], you notice when he turns, it’s kind of end-block turning,” meaning he pivots on one foot. “It’s not a quick turn.” The video below shows examples of this. “So that’s one of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s, is rigidity and bradykinesia, slow movement.”

“And he has that hallmark, especially with the low voices… a small, monotone voice like this over time, is a hallmark of Parkinsonism,” he continued. There are examples of this in the video as well.

Asked if Parkinson’s is difficult to diagnose, Pitts said, “Slow movement, rigidity, mass faces, hypophonia. I mean, if a med student did not pick Parkinson’s on the test they’d be remediated.” He added that a member of the U.S. military with Biden’s symptoms “would be med-boarded out.”

Pitts conceded, “We’re finding [word] retrieval doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know what you want to say. What I cannot comment on is his ability to make good decisions. His motor symptoms are degenerating. He has Parkinsosisms. That is a fact. You know, he has the generation of the brain.”

“Show me the MRI,” he challenged Biden’s doctors. “Show me he doesn’t” have Parkinson’s. “You know, put you put your money where your mouth is. He definitely has it…


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