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Deniers of Undeniable Truths

By Lex Greene


“When an honest man, honestly mistaken, comes face-to-face with undeniable and irrefutable truth, he is faced with one of two choices; he must either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.”

Unlike any time in recorded human history, we live in an era of preferrable outright blatant lies. It’s nearly impossible to argue that millions of Americans are as ignorant of reality as they appear. It’s much easier to demonstrate that millions of Americans simply prefer the lies to any remote form of truth and couldn’t care less about what’s really true.

To begin, facts and opinions are two entirely different things. Facts are provable, while opinions are most often not based on any proof or facts. Today, the vast majority of accessible information, no matter the source, is “opinion” based upon no facts at all. Even worse, most opinions fly directly in opposition to all known facts and evidence. That no longer seems to matter in the good ole USA.

I’m afraid that it is an absolute fact that a majority of Americans now believe that lies serve their political and personal agendas better than the truth. Therefore, the truth must die in order to use lies to advance their fatal utopian dreams. A majority of Americans will vote ALL Americans and people around the globe into bondage, believing that they are voting for a utopian future. They must believe blatant lies to believe this, and so, they do.


  • Totalitarian rule is the extreme opposite of utopian freedom and liberty.
  • The USA is currently not a democracy or a republic, it’s a kleptocracy.
  • Young voters are entirely clueless about their own freedom and liberty.
  • Elderly voters will vote the nation into hell for an extra $20 in SS benefits.
  • Medical professionals are killing patients to protect their lifestyles.
  • Modern lawyers only know British Common Law, not Constitutional Law.
  • All three branches of the Federal Government operate unconstitutionally.
  • 80% of the federal budget is for unconstitutional expenditures.
  • The last constitutional budget from Congress was in 1997.
  • There’s no science supporting any abnormal “climate change.”
  • The USA has had fraudulent elections since at least 2000.
  • 14th Amendment (naturalized) citizens are NOT Natural Born Citizens.
  • The State’s cannot amend the US Constitution in a States Convention.
  • Secession is the opposite of constitutional enforcement.
  • A majority of female voters will kill the country to protect their right to kill their own children.
  • Almost no one who works under an oath to protect the constitution, is keeping that oath.
  • Illegal invaders are NOT legal immigrants or even lawful migrants or asylum seekers.

Honestly, I could easily keep going on the list for pages. The volume of lies the country lives under today is nearly endless.

But here’s the biggest truth of all… Corrupt politicians are a mirror image of a corrupt electorate. Corrupt self-serving politicians can only exist where corrupt self-serving voters exist…


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