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Despite Initial Hungarian Opposition to Sanctions, the EU Approves 9th Round of Sanctions Against Russia

By Jose Nino

Initially, Hungary was against the European Union imposing additional sanctions on Russia.

Hungary stood in opposition to a new sanctions package against Russia during a meeting of EU ambassadors on December 7, 2022 per reports by diplomats who preferred to remain anonymous.

“They are being difficult wherever they can. It is becoming rather predictable,” a senior EU official said to the Financial Times.

The Hungarian government also stood against an EU proposal to double the EU’s fund for sending weapons to Ukraine and other countries.

Several diplomats were anxious that Hungary would use its veto powers against any EU decision that requires unanimous votes. One senior EU diplomat told the Financial Times that “radical moves” are to be expected. Another move Hungary was feared to pull off was a potential veto of the expansion of the border check-free Schengen area to Croatia, and possibly Bulgaria and Romania.

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