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Developing: Maxwell Is Getting The Elite Treatment In Prison

by Vince Quill

Another day, and another correct call—we told you, folks, we told you.

According to reports, Ghislaine Maxwell will be spending her prison sentence inside a luxury prison that offers yoga, extensive exercise courses, and incredibly low-security.

Sources claim that the prison is safe for sex offenders, child killers, and police informants—quite unusual for a prison indeed.

The Bureau of Prisons denied Maxwell’s request to be held inside a facility in Connecticut…

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One Comment

  1. Duncan+Adams Duncan+Adams July 26, 2022

    She kept her mouth shut didn’t sequel ask for reduced sentence or immunity – the pay off light treatment … easier then killing her and we don’t know if she doesn’t have a dead man switch for info dump if she dies ….. LOL … Johnny if you do bad we’ll give you candy ….. happens all the time … well played sis….

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