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DHS In Portland Versus Antifa Thugs – The Difference Between Police Ordered To Stand Down And DHS Response Makes It Clear How These Little Terrorists Should Be Dealt With

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

During the nationwide “climate” strike, the majority of the protests remained peaceful, but in Portland Oregon, which has the been the epicenter of out-of-control Antifa lawlessness, while previously their police departments have been ordered to stand down and allow completely anarchy and the taking over the streets by Antifa terrorists, the little thugs received a little surprise when they decided to descend upon the Portland ICE facility and started throwing projectiles.

They weren’t dealing with just the Portland Police anymore, this time they were dealing with DHS, who proceeded to chase one of the culprits down, with guns, while refusing to allow other Antifa members to interfere, as caught on video by Andy Ngo, who was recently attacked and hospitalized after Antifa groups brutally attacked him.


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