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DIA Leaker Henry Kyle Frese Is HUGE LEFTIST, Had Weird Fascination with Jacob Wohl and Hated NRA — And Retweeted His Girlfriend

The Justice Department on Wednesday announced the arrest of 30-year-old Henry Kyle Frese, a Defense Intelligence Agency employee, for leaking to journalists.

Henry Kyle Frese of Virginia was hit with two counts of willful transmission of national defense information.

According to the DOJ, Frese (pictured) had a romantic relationship with one of the reporters he was transmitting top secret information to and if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.



  1. Methos Methos October 10, 2019

    Never heard of this guy. So why hasn’t Comey and the rest been arrested? Why NONE of the big names been arrested? This arrest is nothing but “show” to appear as though Barr is doing his job. When are we gonna see Barr really do his job and arrest Obammy, Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Biden and all the rest. When is anyone in the DOJ gonna do a REAL investigation into the Seth Rich murder for hire!

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