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Did Joe Biden Just “Head-Butt” The Pope?

By Noah


Joe Biden’s very bad week continues….

From Freeze Ups, to Wandering Off, to Falling Asleep, to Word Salads, to Angry Outbursts, it’s been a very bad week for The Resident.

But he may have just topped them all….by head-butting the Pope!

You can watch for yourself and see what you think.

Was it a head-butt?

Was it just very close rubbing?

Just the tip?

Or perhaps Joe was about to topple over, and the Pope’s dome held him up?

Take a look for yourself as Collin Rugg reports:

NEW: President Joe Biden goes in for an intimate forehead to forehead with the Pope at the G7 summit in Italy.

Pope Francis appeared to look uncomfortable with the gesture.

According to insiders at the G7, Biden’s performance is the “worst” it has ever been, noting that he is “losing focus.”

Biden was also seen wandering off at the summit and saluting the Italian Prime Minister as he shuffled around.

Backup video here if needed:

The New York Post calls it a “forehead-to-forehead hug”:

Heads up, Your Holiness!

President Biden embraced a surprised-looking Pope Francis with an intimate forehead-to-forehead hug on Friday during the second day of the G7 summit in Italy…


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