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Disturbing Military Operation Randomly Vaccinating People in Texas

By  Seth Hancock

Dallas, TX — The military, dressed in full uniform, randomly went to bars, restaurants and convenient stores randomly jabbing people with COVID-19 shots in Dallas County, Texas.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has touted the use of military to vaccinate residents. In February, Abbott announced the National Guard would go door-to-door to vaccinate homebound seniors.

This latest use of the military, however, goes “far beyond anything weve seen thus far, and as many on social media have observed, it is downright creepy and bizarre in its brazenly coercive optics,” wrote Tyler Durden for ZeroHedge.

Texas has long been fully opened and bars and restaurants are now packed, but vaccine sites are not, apparently. So naturally Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) thought it would be a good idea to go to the bars with the vaccines… along with uniformed US Army National Guard soldiers,” Durden added.

In a video Tweet from the military, seen is a 7-Eleven employee being jabbed under the pressure of a uniformed military member and his boss watching. The propaganda was strong from the military official, but nothing is heard of the side effects nor mention that the employee has the right to refuse the experimental medication.

For Durden, the scene leads to many questions.

For starters, when vaccine crew of literal uniformed soldiers randomly walks up to citizens saying they need to get vaxxed… do the individuals understand its entirely an option and not an authoritative mandateAnd would (in the example of the video) a recent immigrant to the country or even new American citizen understand the nature of the encounter?” Durden asked.

Similar disturbing video came out of Los Angeles County in California last month. Uniformed sheriff officers forced vaccines on handicapped citizens, including children. And, the video was released by the sheriff’s office as a way to pat themselves on the back.

By now, most Americans have probably seen the brazen, yet comical, video of Democrat New York Mayor Bill de Blasio scarfing down a hamburger and fries as he pimps out the shots. Other executives, like Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, are offering taxpayer funded prizes like $1 million, full-ride college scholarships and beer for those willing to submit to the experiment.

All of the propaganda goes unquestioned as media continues to mostly ignore the unheard of death tolls and adverse side effects coming from the vaccines as reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), run by the Centers for Disease Control.

America’s Frontline Doctors issued a warning, and its headline says it all: “Study: Analysis suggests the vaccines are likely cause of reported deaths, spontaneous abortions, anaphylactic reactions, cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological adverse events.’”

Kit Knightly reports for the Off-Guardian that the CDC has changed its policies to “artificially deflate ‘breakthrough infections’ in the vaccinate, while the old rules continue to inflate case numbers in the unvaccinated.”

This change, which was a manipulation to the cycle threshold standards, comes as evidence has been emerging that the majority of new COVID-19 patients are those who have been vaccinated.

Knightly notes the unreliability of the PCR tests and the artificial inflation of case counts from the beginning of the so-called “pandemic.” He writes: “Without these two policies, there would never have been an appreciable pandemic at all, and now the CDC has enacted two policy changes which means they no longer apply to vaccinated people.

Furthermore, the CDC has suppressed data on the actual death counts from the vaccine while concerning substances are continually being discovered in the vaccines.

Most know about the use of aborted babies in many of the vaccines, but how many know of other ingredients. Jon Rappoport reported on one concerning ingredient in the Moderna shot, that being SM-102: heptadecan-9-yl 8-((2-hydroxyethyl) (6-oxo-6-(undecyloxy) hexyl) amino) octanoate.

Certainly, we can all be forgiven for not knowing what the heck that substance is, but we can all understand this from the Cayman Chemical Company: “For research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

So, this substance, which is in a shot being foisted on humanity as we speak, is not only unfit for humans but also unfit for animals.

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