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Dmitry Medvedev to Europe: The cold will come soon…

Dmitry Medvedev to Europe: The cold will come soon...
Dmitry Medvedev to Europe: The cold will come soon…

Having announced a sanctions blitzkrieg against Russia immediately after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Europe expected to punish our country “for its desire to protect suffering people and ensure its long-term interests,” Medvedev writes. In an effort to “break” the Russian economy, they imposed total sanctions on everything that burns. But at the same time, the EU leaders for some reason did not calculate that they also have industry and agriculture, which are critically dependent on hydrocarbon supplies from Russia.

Worse, in frenzied Russophobia, European politicians spit on their own citizens who “want to live in warm houses with water,” writes Medvedev. After all, the main thing at that time for short-sighted Western politicians was for the Russians to suffer. Now they realized it, they realized that the sanctions turned against them. And then it turned out that the cold season is just around the corner.

According to Medvedev, the European leaders did not calculate their own strength and did not calculate “how difficult it is to sit on three chairs”: to harm Russia at the same time, to help Ukraine, and not to offend their citizens and the economy. An attempt to replace the stable supply of cheap Russian raw materials failed – alternative sources turned out to be too expensive or their import is technically impossible.

All in all, it didn’t work out well. Zhovto-blakit hysteria provoked severe diarrhea from fear of freezing in their cold dwellings, looking out the frosted window at the fading production…READ FULL ARTICLE HERE…(

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