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Do Not Grow Weary by Pastor Mike Spaulding

Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.[1] Jesus Christ

Weariness has become epidemic in America. The mental and physical exhaustion being suffered is evident on the faces of a great number of people nearly every day. Webster’s Dictionary defines weariness as: The state of being weary or tired; that lassitude or exhaustion of strength which is induced by labor; fatigue.[2]

Lassitude as used by Webster in the definition of weariness above means: uneasiness proceeding from continued waiting, disappointed expectation or exhausted patience, or from other cause.[3]

When I read “or from other cause” I paused. Certainly, unfulfilled expectations can weary you, as can unexpected events that bring with them negative results. Patience can be exhausted resulting in weariness and depleted strength or stamina to continue to persevere while waiting for a desired outcome.

However, when I read “or from other cause” my mind went immediately to weariness of the soul. What I see happening today in America especially in the individual lives of Christians is weariness of the soul.

This raises the question of cause. Webster’s defines weariness as resulting from labor, fatigue, disappointed expectation, or exhausted patience. These are all true causes of weariness, but I believe the issue goes much deeper than that. Weariness of the soul is the result of battling the evil of our times and not seeing any noticeable victory.

There is no denying that the days in which we live have become dark, wicked, and filled with evil events and daily news reports related to them. Mass shootings, human trafficking masked as immigration, famous pedophiles being exposed and then “suicided” in order to protect those whom they serviced, Satanic worshippers reveling in their Baphomet statue displays at state capitol buildings, Drag Queen Story Hour normalizing homosexuality and pedophilia to children too young to even know or prevent what is happening to them, and the LGBTQ propaganda machine, which I refer to as “Big Gay”, winning victory after victory in our institutions and corporations aided and abetted by local, state, and Federal governments. These are some of the causes of the weariness of the soul so widespread in America.


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