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Doctor censured for hinting ‘vaccine-induced psychosis’ led to murder

Doctor censured for hinting 'vaccine-induced psychosis' led to murder
Doctor censured for hinting ‘vaccine-induced psychosis’ led to murder


“It is expected that healthcare workers will be careful not to disseminate fake news,” said the Health Ministry.

The Health Ministry censured a doctor and announced that she will be summoned for a meeting after she appeared to hint that there could be a connection between the murder of Diana Raz, in which her husband Amir Raz is the main suspect, and the coronavirus vaccine, N12 reported Thursday.

“As for the murder… as strange as it sounds, there are psychotic or neurological situations because of the vaccine,” said Dr. Rotem Inbar, an obstetrician from Sheba Medical Center, in a WhatsApp group with 250 members according to N12.

“A long relationship like the one described, that is good and caring. And suddenly he doesn’t understand what happened and experienced a blackout. Of course it is most likely not that, it just made me think of the option,” Inbar went on to say…

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