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Does the Chinese Communist Party Have a “Ground Game” Ongoing in Georgia to Defeat Herschel Walker?


By Joe Hoft

Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, Li-Meng Yan and Ding-Gang Wang

A November 15, 2022 article entitled “U.S. midterm elections: Georgia’s “play-in” to determine the final Senate map – How Chinese can seize the critical moment,” published on the Chinese language website of the BBC, described how the Chinese in Georgia are organizing to defeat Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker in the upcoming run-off election.

According to that BBC article, Xiao Yu, who has helped several Chinese people run for office in Georgia and organized Chinese electioneering in the 2020 presidential election, is mobilizing Chinese to participate in the second round of the ballot in support of Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock…

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