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Don’t Bang on My Teakettle

By Clarice Feldman


There’s a Yiddish expression — Hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik! It means “don’t bang on my teakettle.” Apparently when you went to see someone and they were in the field, workshop or barn, you banged on their teakettle to summon them. So the expression means, don’t bother me.

Each day when I check my emails, there are at least 20 messages with the header “disturbing” or some like word designed to get me agitated enough to contribute something to the sender.

Honestly, I’m disturbed enough about the state of the world that I don’t need more things to get disturbed about. For starters, there’s rising inflation with no discernible end in sight.  There’s a horrible war in Ukraine with enormous destruction and loss of life. People are starving in Sri Lanka as a result of idiotic “green” agriculture mandates which are undoing there and soon elsewhere the marvels of Borlaug’s Green Revolution where the use of manufactured fertilizers and crops bred to be disease-resistant were making national famines a thing of the past.



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