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Don’t Look To FBI For Truth Behind Epstein’s Mysterious Demise

For any still holding out hope that the FBI will unearth the truth about Jeff Epstein’s curious ‘suicide’ in the Manhattan Correctional Center’s prison:

Don’t hold your breath.

Media reports on Epstein’s prison death should be—but isn’t—officially categorized as “alleged suicide”.

For starters, the FBI will be investigating not provable facts, but allegations.

“Allegations” are all that everyone—including the FBI—have and all that we will ever have on the alleged ‘suicide’ of Jeffrey Epstein.

How can we be so sure?

As Canada Free Press commenter TJ Andersen posted in CFP’s Comment Section yesterday…“Support for 99.9% of FBI is old. Not one FBI agent has come out as a whistleblower over Russia hoax/coup. Not one.”

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