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Dr. Devra Davis Explains Why The FCC Needs to Update Its Cell Phone Tests For RF Radiation

By B.N. Frank

If you weren’t already aware, last week the Chicago Tribune reported that some Apple and Samsung smartphones are in violation of federal RadioFrequency (RF) Radiation Safety Limits.  There is now a class action lawsuit because of their findings.  This is great; however, it doesn’t change the fact that RF safety limits and testing were established over 20 years ago so they don’t apply to

  1. How today’s devices are made and operate
  2. How most people– including children – use cell phone and WiFi radiation emitting devices and
  3. How we are exposed to them
Over the years, many doctors and scientists, including Dr. Davis, have asked that the Federal Communications Commission to consider all of this and update RF radiation guidelines, limits, and testing.  They have refused to do so and did again recently in regard to 5G technology which even the telecom industry won’t say is safe.


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