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Dr Erwin Lutzer: What is cancelled today will be criminalized tomorrow

The current overthrow of America that we are living through today has been a long-time coming. Through this ideology that we know as Cultural Marxism, the Left has been able to systematically infiltrated virtually every aspect of American life, from politics to entertainment to education to religion. Unfortunately, Conservatives and Christians have not confronted this ideology as forcefully as we should have until it was too late.

We now find ourselves in a post-American America. By that, I mean that the principles that are country was founded on are no longer that of the ruling class. For example, Joe Biden declared that “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” This was in relation to his unconstitutional executive orders implementing gun control. The reality is that the Democrats have been trying to disarm the American people for decades. What’s even more scary is how quickly they are taking away the rest of our rights.

Our right to peaceably assembly has been completely thrown out the window with the tyrannical edicts from governors across the country limiting capacities in gatherings, especially when it comes to churches. This is also an infringement upon our freedom of religion. We’ve seen Big Tech act like an extension of the Federal Government and strip us of our Freedom of Speech.

The censorship being implemented by these Social Media companies is a scary thing for the future of our country. Now one party, that of the Democrats, has complete control over the news and information that you receive. Without an opposing point of view, there will never be any opportunity to challenge a particular narrative, which leads to the sinister tactic of propaganda.

Unfortunately, with the Left in control of our Federal Government, Dr Lutzer predicts that it is only a matter of time before this Cancel Culture crosses over from simply being a form of canceling with society to being enforced through the threat of arrest or worse by the government. As I’ve shared for months, my fear is that the Left is successfully pushing the narrative that conservatism is tied to racism and violent extremists. While this could not be further from the truth, this is setting us up to be persecuted for our beliefs and face unprecedented measures by our own government.

As Conservatives and Christians (the ones that are being silenced), it is incumbent upon us to refuse to be silent. As Dr Lutzer’s book title clearly states, “We Will Not Be Silenced.” Yes, the Left is doing everything that they can to take away our voice, our jobs and our ability to participate in a free society. This is simply an intimidation tactic to get the American people to submit to their socialist and authoritarian will.

Are we facing an uphill battle? Absolutely. Is it an impossibly situation? Possibly, without God. However, as Dr Lutzer and I discuss during this podcast, God often uses the faithful few to accomplish His will. We saw that through Scripture, as well as Church history. It is simply incumbent upon us to be obedient, faithful proclaiming the truth boldly. Let’s have the phrase “we will not be silenced” be the slogan of the Conservative Movement.

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