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Durham Report Update!

by Vince Quill

Lock them all up!

Devin Nunes has said pretty directly that he expects the Durham report to send several senior-level Obama staffers to prison…

That assertion was somewhat upset by recent reports that the entire investigation may be over, with no convictions or lengthy prison sentences for anyone.

What isn’t widely reported was what the investigation uncovered and the implications of those discoveries.

The revelation that Igor Danchenko was on the F.B.I. payroll for over a year is one, and the role of Hillary Clinton is another, but the overt corruption of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the real takeaway.

Outlining the corruption of the F.B.I. and the higher echelons of unelected bureaucrats in America is what truly matters, and on that front, I would say that Durham’s investigation has succeeded with flying colors…

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