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Eating Too Much of These Foods Raises Your Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

by Lori Alton

Heart disease, which claims over 655,000 lives every year in the United States, is the number one killer in the nation and the leading cause of death worldwide.  While multiple factors contribute to heart disease, natural health experts and forward-thinking dietitians have long suspected that heavy consumption of refined grains plays a role.

In other words: you might want to think twice before having that doughnut.  A newly published study in the British Medical Journal revealed that a higher intake of refined grains is associated with a substantially higher risk of major cardiovascular events – such as heart attack and stroke – as well as a higher risk of death from any cause.  Over the past few decades, dietary intake of refined grains and added sugar has soared in countries around the globe.  The bombshell study helps to “connect the dots” – and illuminates the life-shortening effects of refined foods on people worldwide.

Shocking Study Finds 47 Percent Higher Stroke Risk With Refined Grains…

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