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Elon Musk Purges Thousands More Twitter Employees – No One Notices The Difference


A good measure of the value of an employee to a company is if their absence makes things more difficult for everyone else, or their absence is barely noticed.  If an employee makes no difference and adds no value then there is no point in keeping them around.

Twitter is quickly becoming a blaring example of this issue.  Alleged leaks from within the company suggest that most employees under previous management barely worked and are devout “communists” with a hatred of free speech.  The leaks also claim that Twitter employees were far more concerned with censoring conservative voices than doing their jobs.

From comments made on social media by employees since Musk’s takeover, it appears that these rumors are correct.

For many years now Twitter has operated less like a company and more like a cult compound for leftist ideologues, with free lunches, yoga rooms, smoothie bars, wine bars, expresso bars, and minimal work buffered by pointless meetings and near zero productivity. The company runs a collectivist daycare for overgrown children; 7500 of them along with 5500 outside contractors…

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