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Enough With Our Horrible Media Boosting Women Who Publicly Regret Their Children’s Existence

It causes nothing but pain to children for parents to air their dirty diapers — er, laundry — to a national media audience


There’s a disgusting genre in our rabidly pro-abortion media that’s intensified since the Supreme Court struck down federal prohibitions on laws protecting an unborn baby’s right to live. It involves finding some sad, stressed mother whose child escaped the abortionist’s pincers, and getting her to tell the internet she wishes that inconvenient, needy, PlayDoh-chucking toddler didn’t exist — or at least that her life would be a whole lot easier without it.

It’s a clear ploy on the media’s part to convince readers: See, this — these things, these messy children — is what happens when you don’t let women get abortions! None of the parties involved seem to care that those sticky-fingered toddlers will someday be teenagers with internet access, able to see every word their parents griped about them.

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