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Enraged Residents Of Seattle’s Chinatown Clash With Council Members Over Homeless Megaplex

by Bronson Winslow

  •  Over 200 Seattle, Washington, Chinatown residents protested a proposed 500-person homeless shelter at the King County City Council Meeting Tuesday.
  • A majority of the protesters’ concerns revolved around increases in crime associated with an influx of homeless people.
  • The proposed building will cost the county $66.5 million dollars to build and $22 million per year to run.

Over 200 residents of Seattle, Washington’s Chinatown marched on the Metropolitan King County Council Tuesday demanding a homeless megaplex, planned without community support, be moved to a different location.

The protest follows efforts by community leaders and citizens to block a new 500-person homeless shelter that would cost the county $66.5 million dollars to construct and $22 million dollars to run. The protesters, representing the Chinatown International District or “Chinatown-ID,” marched together to the council chambers and peacefully filled multiple floors awaiting the public comment period…

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