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Escalation with Cracks in the EU! Mig Fighters from Slovakia to Ukraine. Hungary Rejects ICC Arrest Warrant for Putin


The contrasts within the European Union in the face of the conflict in Ukraine are starting to become more and more extreme. Slovak Defense Minister Jaro Nad announced that “the first four Mig-29 fighters from Slovakia “have been safely sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

In total, Slovakia said it would donate 13 of the Soviet-made aircraft. “In the coming weeks, the rest of the planes will be delivered,” Defense Ministry spokeswoman Martina Kakascikova said.

This represents another step towards the exacerbation of the conflict between NATO countries and Russia which has repeatedly said it will respond by in turn increasing its firepower

Steps towards Escalation and Not towards Peace

On Thursday (March, 23, 2023) the European plan to give 2 billion euros of ammunition to Ukraine was approved by the Foreign Affairs Council underway in Brussels. High Representative Josep Borrell spoke of “an historic decision”.




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