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Evangelical Paganism

It’s time to face reality: The evangelical church is now mostly nothing more than another brand of religious paganism. There is almost nothing Christian about it. Granted, church edifices still have the tapestry, symbols and ceremonies resembling historic Christianity, but it’s all a ruse. The heart and soul of the Christian faith is dead in most evangelical “churches.”

The most recent Gallup Poll confirms what I am saying:

While biblical literalism has long been held as the most dominant method of interpreting Scripture among Evangelicals, results of a new poll released by Gallup show that fewer than half of Evangelicals and born-again Christians believe the Bible should be taken literally.

The poll . . . found that just 40% of respondents who identify as Evangelical or born-again view the Bible as the “actual word of God.”

In 2015, just under 60% of Evangelical churches espoused a literal interpretation of Scripture, data from Pew Research showed.

Think about it: Just seven years ago, right at 60% of evangelical “born-again” Christians believed the Bible was the “actual word of God” (which is still an abysmally low number). But now—just seven short years later—only 40% of evangelical “born-again” Christians believe the Bible is the “actual word of God.”

What will the number be seven years from now? It’s painfully obvious where these numbers are going.

So here is your snapshot of today’s evangelical “churches”: 60% of them do not believe the Bible is the actual Word of God. That means 60% of them do not believe in the deity of Christ, proven by His miracles and His resurrection from the dead, because the Bible (the actual Word of God) dogmatically and ubiquitously teaches that Jesus is God in flesh, equal with God the Father in all matters pertaining to deity.

This means that 60% of evangelical “born-again” Christians are as lost and hellbound as the most pagan person on the planet. They have not God’s grace, mercy, redemption or forgiveness of sins.

This helps to clear up how the “church” can be as self-righteous, materialistic, arrogant and self-absorbed as, well, Donald Trump. You see, the reason the evangelical “church” loves Trump is because they are just like him: full of carnality, pride, self-exaltation and the love of money.

Is it a surprise, then, that a blasphemous new book about Trump, written by a “Christian,” that proclaims that Trump is the fulfillment of Christ as the Son of Man, would be the latest testament to the blasphemous relationship that evangelicals have had with Trump since 2016?

Such continued blasphemy by evangelicals regarding Trump simply drives the final nails into the coffin of this false “church.”

And there is yet one more glaring sign that the evangelical “church” has morphed into paganism: its love for and infatuation with pagan Israel.

Let’s clear this up right here and now: The Zionist State of Israel in Palestine created in 1948 by the Rothschilds and the United Nations is not the Israel of the Old Testament. It is not a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy; it is no longer the Holy Land; and the Ashkenazi Jews that reside there are not “God’s Chosen People.”

Watch my message God’s Chosen People, The Children Of Promise, The Israel Of God And Romans Chapter Eleven.

Neither is Judaism the religion of the Israelites under Moses. In fact, you won’t find the word Judaism mentioned in the Bible (KJV) one time. Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees—who were the mortal enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ and whose spiritual descendants remain the mortal enemies of Christ and His Church.

Judaism is as pagan as Islam. Correction! It is MORE pagan than Islam.

Compare how the Jewish Talmud and the Muslim Koran treat the Lord Jesus Christ:

In the Talmud:

*Jesus was born out of wedlock (Mishna Yebamoth 4,13) to His mother, Miriam, and her lover Pantera (Shabbat 104b).  She is said to have been the descendant of princes and rulers, and to have played the harlot with a carpenter (Sanhedrin 106a)….READ FULL ARTICLE HERE…(

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