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Evidence Suggests Deep State Asset Joseph Mifsud Was One of the Spies (Oconus Lores) Referred to in Strzok-Page Texts from December 2015

The FBI and DOJ and multiple government agencies were out in force in 2015 spying on candidate Trump in attempts to link him up with their  fake Russia conspiracy.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell gave us clues this past week that Professor Mifsud may have been one of the Deep State’s spies used against the Trump team in late 2015!

In June of 2018 The Gateway Pundit posted an article identifying unredacted words in previously redacted texts between corrupt cops Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two individuals supposedly having an affair and key players at the top of the FBI involved in spying on candidate and then President Trump.

The discovery came from an individual on Twitter who was then removed from Twitter named Nick Falco who identified a word uncovered in a Senate text that was previously redacted by the corrupt DOJ.    READ MORE…

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  1. Methos Methos September 13, 2019

    Fact is Obammy was behind the whole thing and everybody knows it. Yet he will never reap the consequences.

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