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EXCLUSIVE–Coach Tommy Tuberville Fights Pentagon Wokeness, Mainstream Media ‘Marketing Arm’



Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke with Breitbart News about his fight against woke policies in the government amid a barrage of attacks from the Democrats’ mainstream media allies.

Tuberville, holding his first political office, brings a different approach to a legislative body known for going along to get along. “I’m not a politician. OK? And I’ve told people, listen, I’m gonna make the decisions that’s best for the people of Alabama and the citizens across this country that love our constitution. I’m gonna fight, and if people don’t want to send me back up here on the next election, fine, vote against me. But while I’m here, I’m gonna speak for the people.”

Tuberville, nicknamed the “Riverboat Gambler” in his coaching days for fearless and sometimes risky playcalling that often worked to his advantage, has earned the enmity of some colleagues and mainstream media for bucking the Senate status quo. His maverick approach to his Senate work earned him a victory Wednesday, as he told Breitbart News, when he forced Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) into a major concession over Tuberville’s blocking of en masse military promotions in protest of the Pentagon’s abortion policies. Tuberville’s unconventional tactics were decried by President Joe Biden, Pentagon officials, the mainstream media, and many of his colleagues as a “national security threat,” but Schumer, by caving and moving nominations individually, as Tuberville requested for months, made clear no threat existed…


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