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EXCLUSIVE: Coach Tommy Tuberville Scores a Win Against Pentagon-Funded Abortion



Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) explained to Breitbart News his fight against the Biden administration’s taxpayer-funded abortion policy at the Department of Defense and his win against Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Wednesday Tuberville achieved a victory over Schumer by forcing him to cave on his long-held position of refusing to bring military nominations to the floor individually. Tuberville has blocked the Senate from approving large blocks of multiple military nominations without debate to protest the Pentagon’s abortion policies. Schumer has insisted the Senate is unable – or unwilling – to consider each nomination individually and has routinely attacked Tuberville for threatening national security by forcing the Senate to consider nominations to high-level military posts individually. However, after Tuberville slyly used a seldom-used Senate procedure to bring one of those nominations to the Senate floor, Schumer relented, scrambling quickly to set up votes on three individual nominations.

“Yesterday was a huge win for the Constitution and the Congress on both sides to have an opportunity to vote, to vote for what they think is right,” said Tuberville…


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