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Exclusive Interview: Second Victim of Bachelor False Accuser Speaks Out!



Laura Owens, the woman who a Maricopa County, Ariz., judge declared is “uncreditable” and who admitted to fabricating evidence who filed a paternity suit against former Bachelor Clayton Echard in “bad faith” has taken to Medium to complain endlessly about the “unfair” treatment she is receiving from the public. Despite having a lawyer (who doesn’t appear to have counseled her to remain silent while she’s under investigation by the county attorney’s office for perjury and evidence tampering,) Owens is talking to anyone who will listen and trying to convince the world that she is the true victim and not the three men who were dragged through court and made to believe they fathered twins with her.

In fact, Owens, who perjured herself boldly under oath in front of at least three judges, continues to tell lies about the men she targeted for public destruction. One of them, Michael Marraccini has been suffering under the weight of Owens’ false allegations for almost ten years. Marraccini dated Owens for two years when they both lived in the San Francisco area in 2015. Owens ended up making a TedX talk about the alleged “abuse” she says she suffered while dating Marraccini. Marraccini tells a much different story. He sat down with me after Judge Mata’s ruling came out to talk about what his life has been like and how the ruling affected him.

“Yesterday was pretty surreal,” he said. “I would say it was a bittersweet moment for us. I woke up in bed to Clayton’s text.” Marraccini woke up his wife and read the good news to her. “My wife was still sleeping and I woke her up and we both started crying, to be honest with you. It was a lot of tears of joy.”

Marraccini still has an open restraining order against him that was filed by Owens, who keeps renewing it claiming to be in danger. She presented no evidence that Marraccini is a dangerous man other than her wild tales and judges believed her.

“Justice had finally pulled through,” Marraccini continued. “I feel like the first Domino fell, so it was a moment where I felt vindicated from the ruling yesterday. But at the end of the day, it was great for us three guys to be able to come together and get that ruling because that’s what we were hoping for.”

The third man is Greg Gillespie, whom Owens accused of “abortion coercion” after he refused to comply with her demands to date her in exchange for an abortion of alleged twins. Owens always sticks to the same pregnancy tale. It’s always twins and a relationship can secure an abortion, but rejecting her offer of a relationship condemns her mark for endless malicious litigation and harassment…


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