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EXCLUSIVE: John Brennan Caught in Another Big One – Claims Ignorance of Material Events Involving Trump – Russia Collusion Conspiracy While in Office

Former Obama CIA Director and current MSNBC contributor John Brennan is believed by some to be the architect of the Russia-Collusion sham.  He now claims he doesn’t know much about the topic!

John Brennan is said to be the mastermind of the coup to remove President Trump from office. Much of this sham started with the still unproven conspiracy that Hillary Clinton’s emails were stolen by Russia.  Once the emails were stolen, they were supposedly used by Russia to damage the US election and Hillary Clinton.

For example, we first hear of “dirt on Hillary” meaning Hillary’s leaked emails in the Papadopoulos setup by the Deep State:

House Democrats’ claim against Papadopoulos:  “Russians, through intermediaries, informed one of candidate Trump’s five named foreign policy advisors, George Papadopoulos, in April 2016 that the Russian government had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails” [source].

The Deep State is trying to claim that the ‘dirt’ term originated with the April 26, 2016, meeting between Professor Mifsud and George Papadopolous:

According to the Deep State, George Papadopoulos met with Professor Joseph Mifsud in London on this date.  Mifsud says Putin has thousands of Clinton emails.  Mr. Mifsud said he had returned from meetings with high-level officials in Moscow. There, he said, he learned that the Russians had “dirt” on Mrs. Clinton as Mr. Papadopoulos later told the F.B.I. Mifsud later denies having said that. [source]


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