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EXCLUSIVE: Russian Specialists Studied Concept of Operation of ATACMS Cluster Submunition

By Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s specialists have studied the internal design and concept of operation of a cluster submunition of a US-made ATACMS missile and determined the height at which the munitions do not detonate, a weapons specialist told Sputnik.

The submunition is a green spherical object similar in size to a tennis ball, the casing of which has protrusions along one circumferential axis.

“M74 cluster submunition. An ATACMS long-range missile has 275 of these. The opening of the cassette occurs about 200 meters [656 feet] above the ground. Due to the protruding feathers, overtaking flow starts rotating it. When it gains about two thousand revolutions, the centrifugal stoppers separate to the sides, and the engine inside rotates. The primer/detonator is placed opposite to the striker. The munition explodes upon impact with the surface,” the specialist said.
When the cassette opens normally, and the munition lands but not detonates, its striker continues to be cocked, and the munition cannot be moved, he explained. Civilians need to be as careful as possible when encountering such a “ball,” he said.

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