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Exploiting Bad Policing for Tyrannical Ends


What do China, North Korea, Russia, and Cuba have in common? Not only are they totalitarian states with all power concentrated in the hands of a few, but they are countries that have only state-controlled policing forces. This is not coincidence; tyrannical governments require a monopoly on force. In the U.S., where police and sheriff’s departments are accountable to the local citizens they serve, the enemies of freedom have been trying for many decades to destroy the credibility of local police for the ultimate purpose of nationalizing them. In this episode, Paul discusses with Art Thompson and Matt Harper how the tragic death of Tyre Nichols after being beaten by police officers is being exploited by anti-police activists. Art Thompson is the former CEO of The John Birch Society, and Matt Harper is the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation.





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