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Fabio Criticizes Modern-Day Masculinity

OAN’s Brooke Mallory

Actor and legendary cover model Fabio Lanzoni expressed his opinions on Tuesday on the status of the United States, specifically criticizing the contemporary definition of masculinity.

Known by his moniker, Fabio, the Italian-American icon joined “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Tuesday and gave his reasons for thinking the world is “upside down.”

Fabio is best known for modeling romance novel covers, where he has portrayed the heroic, masculine male protagonist across hundreds of book titles.

“Today, it’s almost like they don’t like men, that testosterone… Of course, in times of war, who are you going to rely to [sic]? Soldiers, they have to have testosterone. And I mean, it’s like these people, Hamas, they have plenty of testosterone, and the people are taking their side,” Fabio commented. “The world is upside down right now.”

Neil Cavuto, a Fox News host, questioned Fabio about remarks he made earlier this year regarding the “soft” men in modern romance novels.

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