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Facebook releases first results of Republican-led investigation into its ‘anti-conservative bias’ (but raises more questions than it answers)

  • A report says Facebook should do more to address conservatives concerns
  • The ‘independent’ study comes from former Republican senator Jon Kyle
  • Concerns from conservatives center on its algorithm, ad practices, and more
  • Generally conservatives complained of a liberal bias from the company
  • The report recommends more transparency into news ranking and ad practices 

A study of Facebook’s alleged censorship of conservative speech says there’s ‘work to be done’ in assuaging right-leaning users’ concerns.

The report, which was carried out by former Republican congressman, Jon Kyl and a team from law firm Covington and Burling, interviewed more than 130 ‘leading conservative politicians’ and organizations in an attempt to assess the impact of Facebook’s evolving policies on conservative speech…

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