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Fake News Lionizes GOP Quitters as Heroes for Abandoning Congress as Trump’s Swamp Exodus Continues

The Republican establishment’s quitters were profiled as heroes by the Washington Post over the weekend.

A mass exodus from the Republican Party is underway, with many establishment-favorite legislators quitting the ranks of Congress in what they are framing as a protest against their party’s populist figurehead.

While most Republicans see this as evidence that President Donald Trump is living up to his mandate of draining the swamp, the fake news smear merchants at the Washington Post frame this as proof that Trump is losing control over the GOP.

The Bezos-run lobbying rag published an article this weekend gushing over the quitters who have abandoned ship:

While the fake news wants to put these quitters on a pedestal, these former lawmakers are not likely to bow out with grace and dignity. There is a great chance they will become lobbyists based on their connections made in the Washington D.C. swamp. There are several examples of anti-Trump lawmakers who bowed out during the previous session already doing as much


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