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False Flag: Houthis Blamed For Destroying Underwater Fiber Cables That Manage 17% Of Global Internet Traffic. Houthis Deny Claims And Blames US

By Jacob M. Thompson

This morning the Houthis militia group in Yemen has been charged with destroying a cluster of critical undersea fiber cables that are responsible for managing roughly 17% of the world’s internet traffic, primarily to Europe and parts of Asia. But the Houthis deny these allegations and suggest that this is propaganda by Israel and the United States.

The Houthis have been attacking freighter ships passing through the Red Sea for months, in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, which has then provoked the U.S. and other European-allied forces to issue retaliatory strikes against the Houthis. The attacks have disrupted global trade as many vessels have been forced to redirect their travel to longer routes, lest they be attacked. Recently one British cargo ship nearly sunk and forced the crew to abandon ship after sustaining significant damage.

Mainstream media, such as the BBChad reported several weeks ago that the Houthis were perhaps planning to strike these submarine cables. Royal Navy submarine commander Rear Adm John Gower said at the time, “I assess it’s a bluff, unless it’s an attack on a terminal. [They] would need an ally with the capability, [someone with] a submersible plus the ability to locate [the cables],” he explained.

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