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Fani Willis Could Be Disbarred and Charged with Perjury After Trump Team Finds New Evidence!

By Daniel


Uh oh! The political witch hunt against President Trump is coming back around to haunt Democrat operatives.

Fani Willis could potentially be charged with perjury and disbarred after new evidence was unveiled today.

Yes, that’s right: the prosecutor trying to jail President Trump could potentially end up in jail herself!

What happened?

Well, new cell phone evidence appears to suggest that Fani Willis was in a relationship BEFORE she hired him as a special prosecutor against President Trump.

What does this mean?

Both lawyers are facing potential perjury charges and disbarment.

Fani Willis was supposed to be the Democrats’ rising star.

They were hoping to use identity politics to promote her to bring down Donald Trump.

As a black woman, she quickly became a darling of the radical left.

But it turns out there are consequences to political correctness…


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