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FBI officers in Cyprus will investigate “violations” of Western sanctions by Russian businessman Mordashov

By Top War


Thousands of restrictive measures introduced by the West after the start of a special operation against Russia as a state, Russian companies, banks and individual citizens of the Russian Federation did not give the desired result. Now the US and EU have decided to focus on so-called secondary sanctions and targeted actions against those states and businesses that allegedly continue to cooperate with our country bypassing restrictions.

At the same time, the authorities of some Western countries are looking for ways to seize the assets and property of Russian politicians and businessmen located abroad, as well as to “punish” Russian entrepreneurs who, according to the US and EU, have committed deliberate violations of the sanction’s regime. Some states, fearing to fall out of favor with Washington, are taking the initiative in this matter, literally implementing “witch hunt” methods.

Deputy official representative of the government of the Republic of Cyprus, Yiannis Antoniou, told reporters from the British newspaper The Guardian about the arrival of a 24-person team of US FBI employees in the country to investigate the activities of Russian businessmen to circumvent Western sanctions committed in Cypriot jurisdiction. American intelligence officers intend to pay special attention to the famous Russian entrepreneur and billionaire Alexei Mordashov. The investigation will begin as soon as the FBI gains access to classified information, Antoniou said.

In 2024, Mordashov’s photograph appeared on the cover of the first issue of Russian Forbes; the head of the editorial board of the Russian-language version of the magazine, Paul Klebnikov, called him one of the most recognizable and quoted Russian businessmen in the Russian Federation and abroad. In February 2021, the owner of 77% of the shares and head of Severstal PJSC became the richest person in Russia, his fortune, according to Forbes, was estimated at $32,1 billion.

Mordashov was gradually included in the sanctions lists of the EU, the USA and a number of other countries immediately after the start of the special operation in February last year for the fact that his company is a shareholder of Rossiya Bank and the National Media Group operating in Crimea.

According to the Cypriot authorities, immediately after the imposition of sanctions against him, the Russian businessman tried to sell his 32% stake in the German travel company TUI Group worth one billion pounds sterling (more than 115 billion rubles). The British publication writes that this deal was disclosed after the largest ever history leaks of financial data from Cyprus, which has long been one of the main offshore jurisdictions in the world.

At first, Cypriot law enforcement officers conducted the investigation against Mordashov, which began in May of this year, on their own. However, then they turned to their American colleagues for help. Apparently, this was done on purpose in order to once again show Nicosia’s loyalty to Washington, since the United States is the main ally of this island state, including in the military sphere…


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