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FBI: Wray is ‘Drinking the Kool Aid’ — M.I.A. Wray Missing at FBI HQ While Orchestrating Coverup of Spying on Trump

FBI Director Christopher Wray has been missing numerous top-level FBI meetings recently while working to keep much of the declassified FISA warrant releases as secret as possible, FBI insiders confirmed.

Wray’s whereabouts during key FBI meetings have been unknown by most subordinates and likewise hidden from the public but his deputies are running the show.

Wray is busy trying to keep as much of the upcoming declassified FISA materials shrouded in secrecy. Likewise, top FBI sources say Wray is also concerned with adding redactions to and deleting content from the Justice Department inspector general’s pending report on alleged surveillance abuses of the FBI against the Trump campaign.

“You will see a lot of redacted portions on all documents,” one FBI insider said. “He (Wray) is drinking the Kool Aid and in many ways is no better than Comey.” “READ MORE…”


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