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Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s Effort to Allow Males to Compete in Women’s Sports



A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration’s recent rules giving gays and transgender people extended rights in schools and the workplace because Biden’s regulators bypassed a critical requirement of federal law that must be satisfied before issuing such a regulation: giving the public notice of the regulation, time to file comments, and forcing the agency to respond to those comments. 

U.S. District Judge Charles Atchley Jr. agreed with 20 state attorneys general that the regulations may infringe on states’ rights and could be seen as having been improperly drawn. Atchley blocked the implementation of the rules until a lawsuit addressing the changes could be resolved, the Associated Press reported.

“As demonstrated above, the harm alleged by Plaintiff States is already occurring — their sovereign power to enforce their own legal code is hampered by the issuance of Defendants’ guidance and they face substantial pressure to change their state laws as a result,” the Trump-appointed judge wrote.



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  1. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket July 19, 2022

    Hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik! Bang your teakettle, go away, don’t bother me.

  2. Ventriloquist Kriket Ventriloquist Kriket July 19, 2022

    If take both houses, House and Senate, immediately impeach Joe Biden and when found guilty remove him from office.

    Wish could recall Joe, but can not, and if impeach and remove him then we got her, Kamala, to take his place as President, or if something happens to her, guess who.

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