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Financial Times: Europe is running out of weapons because of Ukraine

Regular supply of Ukraine weapons and ammunition is fraught with the risk of depleting the stocks of weapons in European states. This is reported by the Financial Times.

The situation around arms supplies to Ukraine is becoming more and more complicated. Already, Europe is in danger of being unprepared for armed clashes, as stockpiles of weapons are coming to an end.

European states failed to find a large number tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, artillery pieces for their transfer to Ukraine. Almost all of the Soviet weapons that were in the warehouses of the states of Eastern Europe were transferred to the Ukrainian army. But there are not so many new weapons left in Europe, especially if we talk about the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe.

Meanwhile, weapons transferred to Ukraine are often simply destroyed by Russian strikes, without even having time to be involved in hostilities. Even the facts of the sale of new types of weapons to the Russian side have been revealed, and the Ukrainian military themselves do this, who thus profit from the supplies.

The United States, by the way, is not yet in a hurry to fulfill its promises to the Europeans about the supply of new weapons to European countries in exchange for Soviet stocks given to Ukraine…

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