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First, We Establish a Moral Ascendancy

By Christopher Chantrill


Okay, so the “transitory inflation” wasn’t really transitory and the current mild recession isn’t really a recession. Yes sir, Mr. Ruling Class.

Still, the Fed raised interest rates twice in the last two months and the stock market is… Wow, ticking up!

Now over at Conservative Tree House, Sundance thinks it’s all a cunning plan by the Davos jet set. Hey, they knew that inflation wasn’t transitory; it’s all part of the plan.

I don’t agree: I don’t think that our lords and masters are that smart. Janet Yellen? Jerome Powell? Ron Klain? Klausi baby? Anyone? And I think the “tell” is all the fuss and feathers about whether inflation is transitory or not, and whether the recession is really a recession or not.



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